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Viruses such as coronavirus are an ever present threat in our day to day living nowadays. Although we can’t completely protect ourselves from all the environmental germs, you can still lower your chances of getting infected by proper sanitization.

We have a whole team to help you with proper COVID sanitisation of your commercial or residential property. We worked with thousands of clients over the years to provide clean and safe cleaning and sanitization services. 247 Dry Out is working towards protecting further spread of the virus by professional sanitisation service at affordable prices.

If you are opening your business after a long time, recently had some test positive for coronavirus, had a coronavirus outbreak in the neighbourhood, had a lot of people gathering in your house, you might need COVID sanitisation.

Viruses can transfer from commonly touched places such as door handles, surfaces, floor, electronic places such as printing machines, fax machines, computers, coffee machines, bathrooms, pantry areas, etc. We meticulously follow CDC’s guidelines to make your house or workplace ready for inhabitation.

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When you hire 247 Dry Out you get cleaning of visible dirt such as floors, carpets, and all the surfaces as well as sanitising the areas that are commonly touched by people. We use safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions to clean all the surfaces. The cleaning agents do not leave behind chemical smell instead smell fresh. We have the experience and the tools to properly clean all the surfaces and make your building thoroughly sanitised. Routine cleaning and disinfection is also something we do. If you hire our annual renewal plan you get professional sanitisation every few weeks. This helps to keep the sanitisation in check and prevent disease spreading germs. Your employees will feel safer and more confident coming to work when you have professional sanitisation done.

We work during off hours of your commercial place. That can include the weekend or night cleaning. We will come with a cleaning solution that we spray on high touch surfaces such as Tables, doorknobs, switches, countertops, handles, phones, toilets, faucets, etc. For floors and countertops, also places with visible first we use soap and water to get every speck of dust. We are through with our cleaning and sanitisation and we leave no surface behind.

If you want to sanitize your house, we can do that as well. Our workers are highly efficient in cleaning residences. We have a polite and dedicated team that fulfils all your sanitisation demands. Do not shy away from asking for that extra work of cleaning. We work to satisfy our customers and provide quality service that shows.

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247 Dry Out has experience working in hotels, motels, Airbnbs, restaurants, clinics, retail stores, ahd many other public as well as commercial places. Our team comes wearing PPE and carries sanitisation tools to carry on the service in the safest way possible. You get a fresh looking, shiny clean interior when you hire us.


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