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24/7 Dryout is in the business of helping people get their life back on track following a disaster. We take pride in easing the pressure through difficult and frustrating times! Our squad is made up of people from all walks of life. We have someone who has collaborated for almost every big franchise at some stage. Everyone here has contributed to the growth of our processes and ideologies. We are always striving to improve, but we believe that this environment has provided an excellent incentive for people to offer excellent support in times of need.

24/7 Dryout , like many other major companies, had humble origins. The strategy had been to focus on flood loss restoration, but an abrupt shift culminated in the remediation of foreclosed houses. It ultimately contributed to out-of-state travel and the creation of a network of contractors to handle the workload. Fortunately, our economies improved, and 24/7 Dryout was able to return to its original intention of being a full-service restoration company on a daily basis. The foreclosure job exposed us to many great people who have now been full-time 24/7 Dryout  workers representing our various locations.

We’re proud of what our small business has become, but we’ll never forget where we started or why we started. One aspect that distinguishes us from other renovation companies is that we do all of our customer service and billing in-house at corporate headquarters. Unlike other large franchises, where you get a mixed bag of offerings and never know what you’re going to get, we guarantee loyalty by constant supervision and assistance from our local leaders. This aspect of our company is particularly attractive to our industrial customers who have several properties to serve in various locations; you would have the same dedicated project manager working for you regardless of where the venue is. We have had to cope with a number of tragedies over the years. There is nothing we cannot do. In the event of an emergency, please contact us.

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