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essdup-Water Damage Cleanup & Mold Removal

We are a water and fire damage restoration company in the Orlando, FL area. We are cleanup experts for your residential or commercial property throughout Central Florida. 247 Dry Out (A Division of R & I Restoration Wizards, LLC) features some of the most well-known Licensed Restorers in town. With more than 30 years of experience in cleanup and restoration, we are rightfully considered the best. Our trained team does water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, remediates and removes mold, removes odors like tobacco and mildew, does trauma scene cleanup, and provides the state-of-the-art COVID Sanitization. When you need professional cleanup that you can rely on, call 247 Dry Out.

Water Damage Restoration – Mold Inspection – Mold Removal – Covid Disinfection & Crime Scene Cleanup Throughout Central Florida (And Beyond…)

If your home – your most valuable possession – is compromised due to mold, dampness, rotting floorboards walls or ceilings, fire residue or odor, residuals of a trauma, you can call us for restorative service. We have the needed tools and years of experience to completely restore the damaged part and make them look brand new. No matter how intensive the restorative service you might need, we can do it for you.

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COVID Disinfection Services Chicago, IL

Are you looking COVID sanitization in Chicago, IL. In the age of pandemic it has become extremely important that you give attention to sanitization for your house or business place. We have COVID sanitization team that cleans and sanitizes all the possible places that may spread germs. Places such as door knobs, desks, electronic equipment, pantry area, countertops, and everything else. We have done COVID sanitization for homes, hotels, Airbnb, corporate offices, and other commercial places. With COVID sanitization you make your place safe for your employees as well as your customers.

Water Damage Restoration Chicago, IL

Water damage is the worst thing that can happen to your building. Leaking pipes, flooded floors, moisture accumulation and subfloor moisture can all cause water damage. If you have a bust pipe, sewer system leakage, drainage malfunction the flooding can cause immediate water damage while small leaks, soil moisture and condensation damages the building slowly. We handle all kinds of water damage restoration services. If you have water seeping into the floorboard, drywall, furniture or the ceiling, we have tools to dry the moisture and prevent further deterioration. If you do not take care of the water damage as soon as possible it will cause rotting in the wood, increase pest issues, cause mold growth and make your house smell bad. Call us to get water damage restoration done.

Fire Damage Restoration Chicago, IL

Fires are uneventful. They can completely destroy your house, urn parts of it and cover every surface with black soot. Removing this black soot is not possible without professional help. We have the necessary training and experience to restore your fire damaged house or commercial building. We will restore drywall, floor, ceiling, remove burned items, paint the walls, and completely restore the look of your building. You will never know your house had a fire accident after we are done restoring it.

Mold Removal  & Remediation Chicago, IL

Mold can complete take over your house if not treated. They grow extremely fast under favorable conditions. Usually they grow in damp and warm areas. If you drywall is developing mold, call for us. We will treat your house for mold infestation. We use safe methods to remove the mold, it’s smell and restore the original look of your house after removing the mold.

Odor Remediation Chicago, IL

If you experience strange odors from your house or business place, it is time to call for cleaning professionals. The odor can be the result of pest infestation, mold, sewage leaks, wood rotting, etc. When you call us our first duty is finding out what is causing the foul smell. Once we have found the source of the smell we can take measures to remove the source, clean the area and remove the smell. After we are done cleaning your house or commercial building you will see a noticeable change in how it smells.

Trauma Scene Cleanup Chicago, IL

If you have an accident in the house that involves human bodily fluids such as blood, or any other kind of bodily fluid, our team can clean the area. Getting stains away from the carpets, walls and floors is what we do. We restore any physical damage done to the area and make the area look fresh and new. No matter how old the trauma scene is, we have the needed chemicals to clean the scene.

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